Fundraising site for Shane Campbell

Shane suffered

catastrophic ​injuries in

taxi crash

in Chicago.

Shane Campbell is a 22-year-old student ​from Kells, Co. Meath, who went to Chicago ​to work for the summer, like so many Irish ​students. Shane's American dream turned ​into a nightmare as the taxi he was a ​passenger in was involved in a horrific car ​crash.

As a result, Shane has been a patient in ​John H Stroger Hospital of Cook County ​since June 5th 2024.

Medical care ​required

Shane was initially maintained in an induced coma and ​intubated. As well as several broken bones, more seriously, ​Shane suffered significant abdominal trauma which has ​required ten surgical procedures to date and may require ​more in the future. He has thankfully improved, is awake and ​cognitive, but faces a long road to recovery.

He needs several more weeks of medical care in John H ​Stroger Hospital of Cook County followed by months of ​rehab.

Shane did have travel insurance, and this will cover his basic ​medical needs. However, we all know how expensive ​medical care is in the US, so his insurance falls short of ​covering everything, and will not cover ANY of his rehab ​care.

Shane is a ​much-loved ​son, brother, ​colleague, ​teammate,

and friend.

Shane is a much-loved son, brother, ​colleague, teammate, and friend wit​hin our community. His family are known ​far and wide from Manhattan to Meath. ​But now they need YOUR help. Shane ha​s shown great courage in his progress so far​ and is determined to fully recover and ge​t​ home.

Please help support him and his ​family through this difficult​ ​time.

All monies received will help allevia​te the financial costs already incurred and f​inance Shane's future rehab and care to r​estore him to full h​ealth.

Fundraising site for Shane Campbell

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